All iCulture’s work is done with a commitment to efficiency, reliability and flexibility, while remaining as affordable as possible. Get in touch to learn more.

iCulture is about high-quality, user-friendly, content-rich websites and  apps. To see what’s possible, have a look at the portfolio here. And click through to visit the sites.

The websites include features such as ‘masonry’ layout – which creates full, visually engaging content – ‘lazy loading’, which loads only those images that are needed, floating boxes, dynamic banners and much more. There is also e-commerce, from the simple (just PayPal) to a much fuller shop using the web standard, WooCommerce. Behind the scenes custom PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript and jQuery deliver dynamic content. And there’s help with setting up and maintaining the site on its server, or even hosting with iCulture.


Below are a large number of sites. They demonstrate what iCulture has created. The overriding design principle is to keep it simple and to drive the design using images.

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use wisely

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Business / consultancy

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